• Carpet Cleaning
  • Tile Cleaning (floor, counters, wall tiles)
  • Area Rugs
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Mattress Cleaning
  • Vehicle Carpet and Upholstery (cars, trucks, RVs, etc.)
  • Odor Control
  • Flea Control
  • Stain removal*

* Stain removal within reason. We can not remove permanent dyes, old pet stains, bleach or sun fade color loss, old gum, and other similar situations.

My Cleaning Process:

All my cleaning services involve a low moisture cold water extraction process. Low moisture means less water. So along with extra dying passes and air flow you carpets will dry faster.

Clear water rinse leaves carpets soft and residue free with proper PH balance. This reduces rapid re-soiling because there is no sticky, dirt attracting residue left behind. So your carpets will stay cleaner longer. Cold water insures no damage, shrinkage, color fading or burns due to excessive heat.

  1. Remove items from cleaning areas (within reason)
  2. Open windows (as applicable)
  3. Pre-vacuum
  4. Pre-spray / pre-spotting
  5. Rotary machine scrub (Restorative)
  6. Deep clean cold water extraction and clear water rinse with manual (or power cleaning wand with Restorative clean)
  7. Extra drying passes with cleaning wand
  8. Open windows and deploy air moving fans as necessary

Deep Restorative Cleaning Includes:

Highly recommended for moderate to heavy soil, lots of stains, and visible traffic lanes. Pre-vacuum, full pre-spray and pre-spotting, scrub (with either or both) rotary floor buffer and cylindrical brush power wand, rinse and extract (with either or both) cylindrical brush power wand and standard push wand, deploy fans and air movers as necessary until departure.

Standard Cleaning Services Includes:

Recommended for light soil. Pre-vacuum, full pre-spray and pre-spotting, rinse and extract with standard push wand, deploy fans and air movers as necessary until departure.

*Note: Air movers and fans are not for rent nor borrow, they go with me. I recommend deploying your own fans after I leave.


This is cleaning done right. Not hype or wild claims, nor misinformation. It’s what works BEST over a wide range of flooring options. And it meets client demands for a carpet that looks clean, dries fast, and stays cleaner longer because there is no soap residue left behind to attract new soil quickly.

I am very thorough in each step of the cleaning process taking the time necessary to complete each step before moving on to the next. Low moisture does not mean “dry cleaning”. Nor does “water extraction” mean over soaking the carpet. I do not over spray, over scrub, or over rinse anything; using only the amount of soap, agitation, and rinsing necessary to do the job properly.

Therefore the services will be complete on time, within budget, done correctly, dry faster, and stay cleaner longer. So that the end result is everyone is happy with the outcome. You’ll have a home that presents a clean and comfortable appearance to you and your family.

For property managers and investors, your prospects will enjoy the fresh enhancement of the environment. Therefore it sells (or rents) faster and for more money.


Owner: Daniel Sweet
(442) 273-0073 (voice mail or text only)
Location: Based in Vista, CA. Serving North San Diego County