Carpet and Floor Tile Cleaning

Deep Restorative Clean – $0.65 /per sqft.
Standard Clean – $0.50 /per sqft.
Stairs (one normal flight of 13-14 stairs) – $65 Deep Clean with hand scrub, $50 Standard Clean

DIY Quick Estimate: $50/room

Discounts (applies to all services):

  • 30% off – Wholesale account for Real Estate Agents, Property Managers, and Contractors.
  • 10% off – Client pre-vacuums
  • 10% off – Cash in full payment

* Note: May combine discounts for up to 50% off Retail Pricing.

* Note: Pre-vacuum discount applies only upon technician approval of vacuuming outcome. Vacuuming must happen on day of appointment just prior to arrival.

Area Rugs

$0.85 /per sqft.
Fringe – $1.50 per linear ft.

* NOTE: We do not clean area rugs that are Persian, exotic, vintage or antique, damaged, natural fiber, handmade, or contain natural dyes. All rugs cleaned onsite unless otherwise discussed prior to arrival; then price may vary and be subject to delivery charge.

Upholstery Cleaning

$170 per hour.

Mattress Cleaning – Same as upholstery but Top Side Only unless someone is available to help me move it to another place to dry that has good ventilation, is safe, and clean.

Leather Cleaning – (coming soon)

* Note: I do not clean velvet, silk, rayon, suede, exotic, vintage or antique, damaged, handmade, or fabric containing natural dyes.

I charge per hour for upholstery because it is the fairest method of pricing for everyone. Here’s why: There are far too many variables in furniture size, style, and construction to give a fair per linear foot price sight unseen.

For example, while some furniture might be mostly wooden with only a seat and back covering some others might have full upholstering that entirely covers the whole piece.

Another example, some couches have non-removable cushions while others are covered in removable cushions and extra throw pillows. So therefore some pieces take more time than others to properly clean. However, know that I work quickly and efficiently so that your end price is fair and just.

DIY Quick Estimate: $15 per linear foot for couches and recliners. Add an additional $5 for each removable pillow or seat cushion. $5-$10 for dining room chairs with seat and/or back coverings only.

Vehicle Carpet and Upholstery

$170 /hr. Same reason as upholstery pricing above. Too many variables.

Odor Control and Flea Control

$170 /hr.

Minimum Charge

$120 in North County, $250 outside NC. (North of Fallbrook, South of Poway and Del Mar, East of Escondido, and on any military base).


Payment is due in full at time of service completion. We accept cash, check, credit cards, and PayPal. All billings, including billing escrow, must be approved and arranged prior to arrival on job site.