How to Avoid Rain Water Carpet Flooding

It’s surprising just how much flooding happens because of rain water. Surely, the most common cause is a broken water pipe or hose fitting in a wall or under a sink. Every time we get a good rain, I get at least one or more calls about flooding.

Since I don’t do flood or insurance work I refer those jobs to a select few flood companies whom I personally know and trust. But I’ll tell you it’s heartbreaking to see my customers in pain and turmoil; especially when the entire situation is easily avoidable!

Rain gutters are seldom thought of until a hard rain and your home floods with water. And likewise, so is proper gutter downspout placement for routing water away from a home. Details matter! Wet carpet is no bueno.

How to Avoid Rain Water Flooding

Time to think about gutter repair and flooding is before it rains.

Rain gutter professionals claim that leaky gutters are a problem because they leak down walls and saturate the home’s foundation. This standing water then seeps under and up the walls then into the structure. However, the bigger problem is the downspouts. He’s tells me it’s all too common for him to find downspouts dumping water into the worst places.

I’ve seen gutter water flowing across walkways, right next entry doorways, onto patios that slope towards the house, etc. Seriously, what were the gutter installers thinking when they put those there?

Bad downspout drainage leads to flooding.

To be fair, some gutter installs are done by do-it-yourself types of homeowners trying to save a buck. Then their house floods and they lose money. I swear that’s like trading a hundred dollar bill for a $10,000 dollar insurance claim. What’s YOUR home insurance deductible?

Pro Advice – Adulting 101

Here’s my advice, get the job done right the FIRST time. Doing that ALWAYS pays off in the long run. That goes with anything in life: Carpet cleaning, flood damage remediation, rain gutter installation, auto mechanics, and medical surgery. You wouldn’t operate on yourself just to save a few bucks in hospital fees would you? Of course not!

So then don’t do that with other super important things in life. Your home is your safe haven. When it floods you lose big time. Not just in dollars and the inconvenience of lost time, but in damaging treasured property such as photos, keepsakes, family mementos, and heirlooms, etc. Things like that are totally irreplaceable.

Talking about important and irreplaceable, what’s your health worth to you? What about the health of your family and pets too? Do you know how much long term damage to your health a small water leak can cause? Like, for real.

Happy Healthy Family

Don’t mess around with your health because poor health always leads to suffering and then most often that leads to death. And if you die then I’m going to be sad. And you certainly don’t want that. So let’s all be happy and healthy together!

If you think your gutter downspouts could be routing water into a better direction away from your home then call a rain gutter pro or a handyman to reroute gutter water away from your home.